Fauzi Nawawi (pictured with wife and fellow artiste, Lisdawati). – NSTP/File pic
Fauzi Nawawi (pictured with wife and fellow artiste, Lisdawati). – NSTP/File pic

KUALA LUMPUR: Astro Warna has apologised over a description of a rape scene by actor Fauzi Nawawi during the Rumah No 107 talk show on its channel.

"We the producers of the Rumah No 107 programme take this matter very seriously. We uphold the principle of not compromising on matters relating to sexual harassment and discrimination against women, whether in the form of physical or verbal action.

"We apologise for any offence caused to any parties. We will continuously strive be more sensitive and careful in all aspects of content for the programmes we broadcast in the future," said Astro Warna in a statement yesterday.

Recently, a video clip featuring Fauzi talking about his experience in filming a rape scene with actress Raja Farah for the film Anak Halal on the show had gone viral.

In the clip, the actor was alleged to have also made a joke about the incident which sparked outrage in the social media sphere.

He later explained that the scene in question was eventually cut from the 2007 film upon the request of Raja Farah's parents.

Fauzi has since issued an open apology to Raja Farah as well as her husband and family for the whole sharing the matter on TV.

Rumah No 107 hosts Khir Rahman and Shuk Sahar had also apologised for the unfortunate incident.

Aside from Fauzi and Raja Farah, the Osman Ali-directed action drama also stars an ensemble cast that includes Farid Kamil, Maya Karin, Remy Ishak, Ady Putra, Bront Palarae, Jehan Miskin, Fasha Sandha and Datuk Rosyam Nor.