Datuk Jamal Abdillah, 65, with his wife, Datin Zai Izzati Khiruddin, 28.- NSTP FILE PIC
Datuk Jamal Abdillah, 65, with his wife, Datin Zai Izzati Khiruddin, 28.- NSTP FILE PIC

KUALA LUMPUR: Legendary pop singer Datuk Jamal Abdillah, 65, is expecting his seventh child with his 28-year-old wife Datin Zai Izzati Khiruddin who is currently two months pregnant.

In the last six years, Jamal and Zai Izzati have had five children, with the latest expected to be born early next year.

However, Zai Izaati's fifth pregnancy has not been easy. 

She has been experiencing severe morning sickness and allergies and is currently undergoing treatment at the National Heart Institute (IJN).

Jamal said that he initially intended to keep news about their coming 5th child a secret, but then felt compelled to share about his wife's condition.

"She experienced severe allergies, didn't eat for eight days, and vomited.

"So, I want to share with friends to be careful when taking medication. This is because medication will affect the heart.

"My wife vomited until her heart swelled. It really worries me.

"I don't want to share about the pregnancy but this is more about her health issues.

"We all need to be cautious, to prevent this from happening to others," he told Berita Harian Online.

Jamal said his wife was treated for four days at a private hospital, then returned home but continued vomiting to the extent of being unable to consume any food.

"Later, she went back to the hospital for another four days, totalling eight days. Imagine not eating for eight days, that's why we suspect there is a heart problem. When the stomach is empty, gastric issues arise.

"I hope my wife recovers soon. I observe positive improvements in her condition. But now, there is positive progress, she is getting more cheerful, Alhamdulillah," he said.

Commenting on his wife's pregnancy, Jamal said it is more of  a rezeki (blessing) from Allah.

"It is indeed a rezeki and perhaps Allah wants to show His mercy to me, so He gave me the responsibility as a father to these seven children.

"This can serve as a form of redemption for past sins and these children are also rezeki. My children are my therapy and entertainment.

"Actually, I had decided not to have any more babies after the fourth child but this is rezeki.

"So, I have agreed with my wife that we must get the tubectomy procedure done (on her) after giving birth to this fifth child," he said, adding that the baby is expected to be born early next year.

Jamal and Zai Izzati tied the knot on April 1, 2017. From their marriage, they were blessed with four children: Nur Azura Yamani, 5; El Isaac Yamani, 4; Iskandar Rayyan Yamani, 2; and Rahil Laura Salsabila Yamani, 1.

Jamal also has two sons from his previous marriages, namely Osama Yamani, 21, and Ahmad Zaki Yamani, 17.