Daniel Iskandar (centre) is escorted by police officers at the Selayang magistrate’s court. - BERNAMA PIC
Daniel Iskandar (centre) is escorted by police officers at the Selayang magistrate’s court. - BERNAMA PIC

KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) Youth will pay the RM4,000 fine set by the Selayang magistrate's court on a youth for stealing from a mosque.

This is after the youth was "featured" in a video being put through the "mandi jenazah" (bathing of remains) ritual by mosque officials as punishment for stealing.

Amanah Youth chief Hasbie Muda condemned the act by the mosque officials on the 19-year-old.

In a posting on Facebook, he said the mosque officials should also not have shared the video on social media, adding that this was a form of cyber-bullying.

"(The teenager's) dignity must be preserved. What gives the mosque management the right to treat a teenager like that. A 10-day jail sentence is actually more than enough.

"Amanah Youth will assist the teenager's family to pay the RM4,000 fine imposed and also purchase medicine for his grandfather.

"The 19 -year-old also needs a second chance. We need to help," he said.

Hasbie, however, reminded the public to refrain from attacking the imam or the mosque committee members.

"I believe they had good intentions to educate, but the approach was not fair. It is enough to let the police do their job in this case.

"The individual responsible for recording the video needs to be educated. Nowadays the 'viral' effect is too devastating for a teenager as well as the imam and others involved.

"Islam strictly forbids ghibah (gossiping) and spreading dishonour," he said.

On Monday, a video that circulated on social media showed a fully dressed male teenager being bathed like a corpse after being caught for stealing a donation box at a mosque.

Apart from being bathed, the teenager was also smeared with camphor, which is part of the Islamic funeral rites, by the mosque committee while being observed by some villagers.

Yesterday, the court sentenced the teenager to 10 days in jail and a fine of RM4,000.

The sentence was issued to the accused, Daniel Iskandar, 19, after he pleaded guilty.