Aliff Aziz and his son Ayden Adrean (INSTAGRAM/IAMALIFFAZIZ)
Aliff Aziz and his son Ayden Adrean (INSTAGRAM/IAMALIFFAZIZ)

KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial Singaporean actor and singer Aliff Aziz has marked his son Ayden Adrean's seventh birthday with an apology.

The 33-year-old former Gegar Vaganza winner said in an Instagram post yesterday that he missed his son more than he could imagine.

"Daddy wants to apologise for not being able to attend your special day, Ayden. But my prayers will always be with you. Daddy misses you more than you can ever imagine," said Aliff.

"May you grow into a smart and hansome man."

Aliff also hinted in his post that he and his family in Singapore would be sending a birthday gift for Ayden.

"Daddy hopes to meet his two children soon."

Besides Ayden, Aliff and his former wife, singer-actress Bella Astillah also have a four-year-old daughter Ara Adreana.

Aliff and Bella were divorced at the Federal Territories Syariah Court on June 13.

He agreed to give custody of Ayden and Ara to Bella.