KUALA LUMPUR: Actress and singer Bella Astillah has admitted to having a relationship with new actor Muaz Zabir.

The 30-year-old artiste confessed that it was her mistake and she was not hiding it but added that she did it to make her husband, fellow actor and singer Aliff Aziz jealous.

Bella explained that this unfortunate occurrence happened at the time when Aliff was cheating on her with two women, according to a Berita Harian report today.

"I have known about this matter (the rumours of her relationship) since last night. Close friends and netizens were also talking about this.

"I understand that this matter blew up very suddenly, but netizens can think for themselves and ask, 'Why now?' since tomorrow is the mention of my divorce case.

"This matter happened last year. It's been my intention for a long time to make my husband jealous. I believe my friends know me well and know how much I love Aliff.

"So, I used someone to make my husband jealous because at that time Aliff was cheating with two other women.

"I don't need to mention names. I wanted attention and by doing it this way, I had hoped that Aliff would give me attention and be jealous," she said as she broke down in tears.

Bella admitted to her mistake and said that the relationship took place last year. Aliff and his family were also privy to the matter.

"Muaz was a good person and when I felt unappreciated and treated like trash, someone was there to pay attention.

"I'm just a regular human being and this was my first ever mistake in 10 years with Aliff.

"However, we have since made peace, with the whole family. Not just Aliff but his family in Singapore too.

"We have forgiven each other and gone on holiday to Pulau Pinang, so there are no problems.

"Aliff had already put it behind him and said that he still loved me. After that incident, I saw that Aliff had started to appreciate me. I also thought I had made a mistake and had to repent.

"This was my mistake and I have apologised," she said.

However, Bella added that once she and Alif had made peace, he began to ignore her again during the filming of his drama series with his co-star Ruhainies.

"When he started filming with Ruhainies, Aliff changed the 'password' for his mobile phone.

"Perhaps they wanted the khalwat case closed and didn't have any ammo, so they used my case.

"Doesn't Aliff realise that Ruhainies is using him? Only Aliff has the picture of me and Muaz.

"People are angry and say I'm stupid, but people don't know how much I love my family. I want my children to have both of their parents, so I make sacrifices," she said in between sobs.

The scandal-ridden actress became the talk of the town again after being allegedly linked romantically with Muaz recently.

A TikTok user had posted several screenshots of Bella's "affectionate" conversations with Muaz.

It is alleged that the relationship between the two had been going on since October last year, and they would often share accompanying photos daily in the messages they sent.

The TikTok account also featured their seemingly romantic selfie.

On March 9, Aliff and Ruhainies were arrested for khalwat by the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) in a luxury condominium in the capital.

Then on March 13, Bella filed for an express divorce against Aliff and the case will be mentioned again tomorrow at the Federal Territories Syariah Lower Court.

Bella and Aliff got married on September 9, 2016 and are blessed with two children, Mohamad Ayden Adrean, 7, and Ara Adreanna, 4.

Bella admitted that she made a mistake in having a relationship with Muaz last year. - NSTP/Rohanis Shukri
Bella admitted that she made a mistake in having a relationship with Muaz last year. - NSTP/Rohanis Shukri