Khaty is still well and alive. — Instagram/khadijah_ibrahim_official
Khaty is still well and alive. — Instagram/khadijah_ibrahim_official

KUALA LUMPUR: "Praise be to God, I'm still alive and well," said the 62-year-old veteran singer Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim.

The legendary singer said this after news of her passing reported by a news portal went viral last night.

Fondly known as Khaty, she however said that it was not surprising to hear of false death news since this was not the first time a public figure had been wrongly reported as dead.

"Maybe, they (the reporter and the portal) didn't even think to double check the facts first before publishing the report. Sometimes it can be somewhat weirdly funny," she said in a news report today.

The singer of the evergreen song Kugembira Di Sampingmu said that news of someone's passing should be confirmed first before being published so as not to shock family members and close friends.

"I received many calls from my family members, some of whom were crying on the other end of the line, but must be relieved to find out that I was still alive to be able to take their calls," said Khadijah.