Local jewellery brand Wanderlust + Co started the year with a collection based on its sustainability mission — any excess metal from the jewel trees that are produced during casting are melted down, mixed with new brass and reused.

The collection, called Good Planets are Hard to Find, features multi pastel enamel designs, cosmic motifs and unique pendant shapes. There are also T-shirts and tote bags as the brand expands its lifestyle offerings to #WCoGirlGang.

Founder Jenn Low says she hopes the limited edition T-shirts and reusable tote bags help drive meaningful conversations around the small steps each person can take to contribute to a more sustainable living.

Beautiful pendants from the collection.
Beautiful pendants from the collection.

The Joyseeker Gold Locket Mantra Necklace features a beautiful lock pendant. The gold gilt pendant is designed with a pastel rainbow in its centre with falling stars beside it. The pendant sits on a harper chain necklace, allowing the wearer to adjust to desired length.

There are also tote bags based on the same theme. Made from recycled polyester, they are available in beige and rainbow, and inspired by the gradient colours of the rainbow. T-shirts, meanwhile, are made from organic cotton in comfort fit. -- Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan