FACIAL skincare goes beyond achieving soft, supple skin. In urban environments where pollution is rampant, cleaning and moisturising are mandatory so dust and dirt suspended in the air don't go to bed with you when you sleep.

Botanical skin and beauty care brand Aesop has improved on the formulation of its bestselling serum to help city dwellers deal with pollution and the havoc in wreaks on skin.

The recently-released Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Intense Serum is formulated to hydrate and fortify the skin while guarding it against airborne pollutants. Made for normal, combination and sensitive skin, this lightweight daily hydrator is also ideal for those living in warm or humid climates.

Upon application, it forms a breathable film on the skin, thanks to extracts of red algae and tara gum. This imperceptible yet effective barrier, Aesop says, helps minimise deposition of airborne particulates, which can aggravate skin.

The reformulated serum is made for those living in polluted environments and hot and humid climate.
The reformulated serum is made for those living in polluted environments and hot and humid climate.

Aesop chief customer officer Suzanne Santos says the brand has always advocated skin care that considers the whole picture.

"High-quality ingredients are vital, of course, and we take a rigorous approach to our research and development process, but there's also a human dimension to new products: a consideration of how they fit into our customers' day-to-day lives," she says.

"This serum is formulated to benefit those in urban areas, where skin is subject to all manner of stressors. And a little goes a long way. The serum's light texture is quite deceptive, and it delivers potent fortifying benefits to the skin."

Ingredients like grape seed, green tea and parsley seed extracts, supported by nourishing vitamin E, act as antioxidants.

Lightweight and rapidly absorbed, Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Intense Serum leaves the skin hydrated, with a matte finish, for those seeking an alternative to cream or oil-based moisturisers.